Kingston upon Hull War Memorial 1914 - 1918

The story of Hull in World War One

Families that lost three sons

James & Mary Ann Grayburn, of 7 Talbot Terrace, Toogoode Street, Hull had eight children. They lost their sons; George, killed with the Border Regiment on 16/9/16, aged 30; John, killed with the 13th EYR on 20/7/17, aged 27, and William killed with the 10th EYR on 26/9/18, aged 23. 

John and Sarah Galloway of 46 Cleveland Street, lost the following three sons. Private, George David Galloway, 7th EYR, who died of wounds on 7th July 1916, aged 30 and is buried at Hedon Road Cemetery; Private, Thomas Galloway, 1st EYR, killed on the Somme, on 16th September 1916, aged 24; and Gunner, Evans Galloway, RFA, who died of wounds, in Belgium on 15th November 1917, aged 27.

Thomas and Sarah Dimmack, of Strickland Street, Hull, lost three of their six children in the war. Pte, Thomas William Dimmack, East Surreys, killed 7/8/16, aged 33; L/Cpl, Thomas Dimmack, 1st EYR, killed 21/4/18, aged 36, and Pte, Joseph Dimmack, 12th EYR, died 19/10/18, aged 22.

Robert and Emma Sergeant lost the following three sons: Pte, Robert Sergeant, 12th EYR, killed 13/11/16, age 27; Driver, Edwin Sergeant, RFA, killed 23/3/18, age 34; and Pte, Herbert Sergeant, Yorkshire Regiment killed 9/4/18, aged 18.

John Edward Lilley and Mary Ann Lilley, of 7 Holderness Villas, Rhodes Street, Hawthorne Avenue lost their three sons: Pte, Sydney Lilley, 13th EYR, killed on 13/11/16, aged 20; Pte, Fred Lilley, MGC, killed 10/10/17, aged 29; and Pte, George Lilley, 10the EYR, killed 15/8/18, aged 23.

The three Diglin brothers (photo below) were George Diglin, East Yorks Regt, service no 13/505, killed 13/11/1916, Walter Diglin, York and Lancaster Regiment Service no 203159, killed 24/0/1917 and William Diglin, East Yorkshire Regiment 7th Battalion, Service No. 3/33418, killed 25/04/1917Diglin_brothers_2.jpgA 4th brother who served - Ernest Diglin, Kings Royal Rifle Corps 6th Battalion Service No Y624 was disharged from the service because of wounds he received in action. He was discharged 23/10/1916 and awarded the Silver War Badge. They were the sons of William and Elizabeth Diglin, 10 High Street, Hull.

Anthony and Catherine Walsh, from Gordon Street, Hull, lost three sons, from their family of ten children. Their eldest son Anthony had served in the military for10 years before re-enlisting at the outbreak of war. He was discharged from the army with mania and committed to Beverley Asylum, where he died in May 1916. Their other son Thomas was killed, aged 36, on the 1st July 1916, serving with the York and  Lancs regiment. Their third son Joseph Walsh, 13th EYR, was wounded and captured at Serre, on 13th November 1916. He died of wounds in Gemany, on the 2nd January 1917, aged 31. 

Kate and John Hedges, of 16 Goodrick Terrace, Cave Street, lost their three sons.  Noel Victor Hedges died of wounds recieved on the Somme, on 8th July 1916, aged 19. their eldest son, Mark Ellis Hedges, died at Ypres on 26th September, 1917, aged 27. Their other son Frank Arthur Hedges, died on the Menin Road, after only one month at the front, on 31st January 1918, aged 26.

Fred, Matthew and Robert Driver, were three brothers, from 3 Devon Grove, Sculcoates Lane that died in the war.

George and Emma Booth, of Chapel Lane, Hull, lost their son Fred Booth serving on Minesweepers, in March 1916, another son, John William Booth, at the Battle of Jultland in May 1916 and their third son, Private, Albert Edward Booth, on the Somme, on the 2nd April 1918.

Arthur Septimus & Harriet Perry, of 81 Hessle Road lost: Stoker, ARTHUR WILLIAM PERRY, Royal Navy - 26/12/1918, Aged 21. Private, JOHN THOMAS PERRY, 6TH EYR, on 6/09/1916, Aged 24. Private, HAROLD JAMES PERRY, 19TH Middlesex regiment, on7/10/1918, Aged 19. Priavte, JOHN WILLIAM O'NEIL, EYR, killed in action at Oppy Wood, on 3/05/1917, Aged 20, was the cousin of the above brothers. All thier names are recorded on the Walker Street Memorial, and the family grave, at Hull Western Cemetery.  

Samuel Wass, 20th Hussars, George William Wass, 2/5th West Riding Regiment, James Wass, 6th east Yorkshire Piioneers, and John Wass, 8th East Yorkshire battalion, were four Hull brothers all dead within 16 months of the war. They were the only children of Luke James Wass and his wife, Clara, at 4 Robinson Place, Princess Street, Hull.

John Rumble, was skipper of the fishing vessel "Jersey", lost at sea, on 5th November 1915, aged 27. His brother, Lance Corporal, Watson Burnham Rumble, 6th East Yorkshire Pioneers was killed at Gallipoli, on 9th August 1915, aged 20. Another brother, James Henry Rumble was a deckand in the Royal Naval Reserve, and died in Hull on 19th November 1916, aged 29.  They were the three sons of James Jopling Rumble and Rebecca Burnham, of 'Victoria Tavern', Waterhouse Lane, Hull.


Harry & Phoebe West who lived at 1 Cuthbert Avenue, Airlie Street, also lost three sons. These were soldiers, Harry West killed on 1st July 1916; Walter West, 30th October 1917 and George West, killed on 11th September 1918.


Next door to the Maynards, at 40 Edgecumbe Street, George and Harriet Winter also lost three sons. These were Victor Winter, aged 19, killed 17th September 1918; Clarence Winter, aged 21, killed 30th September 1918, and Harry Winter who died on the 6th November 1918. All were lost within the last three months of the war.

Willam, Arthur and John HenrWilkinson, three brothers, killed within months of each in 1917. They were the sons of John William Willkinson and Jessie Sheppard, from Wescott Street. Their father was a well known market Gardener in Sutton and Ings.

Sgt, John Henry Wilkinson, MM, a Hull school Teacher enlisted in the 10th (Hull Commercials) EYR. He was wounded at Oppy Wood on 03/05/1917, and died of wounds, on 02/06/1917, aged 24. Driver, William Sheppard Wilkinson, RFA, was killed in action on 25/09/1917, aged 19. His brother, Private, Arthur Frederick Wilkinson, served with the 44th Canadians, and was killed at Paschendaele, on 27/10/1917, aged 22. Their names are listed together on the Sutton village war memorial.


Margaret Hannah Wilson & the late James Wilson, of 115 Grafton Street, lost their three sons Herbert Wilson in 1916, Arthur Wilson in 1917 and Charles Wilson in 1919.


Mark and Annie Wilson, at 13 Nellies Terrace, Gillette Street, lost three sons. Pte. George Wilson, 1/4th EYR was killed on the 14th June 1915, aged 19. Months later Herbert Wilson, was lost at sea, on the 18th November 1915, aged 25. Their third son, Pte. Mark Wilson, 13th EYR was killed at Serre, on the 13th November 1916, aged 25.