Kingston upon Hull War Memorial 1914 - 1918

The story of Hull in World War One


Other Hull brothers to die in the First World War include:-

Arthur & Edward Andrew - 16 William Street

James Henry and Archi Billany, from Courtney Street. Both died at sea.

Clarence and Ernest Braithwaite, from Cleveland Street;

Charles and Walter Brinham, from Springbank West,

Sydney & Oswald Broddle, of Anlaby Common;

Albert and Teddy Chapman, from 13 Alaska Street;

Walter and Arthur Cade, at 17 Buckingham Street;

John and Joseph Cousins, at Arundle Street;

Arthur and Walter Drewery, from 29 Walton Street;

Robert and Thomas Earnshaw, from 4 Sarah Ann's Terrace, Spyvee Street

John and Joseph Ellis, from the 344 Boulevard, both lost at sea;

Nathan and Solomon Ellis, at 26 Portland Place;

Captain, Bede Farrell and his brother Adrian Farrell, from Newland Park;

Charles Edward Gamble and his brother Thomas William Gamble, from Londesborough Street;

Ernest & Joseph Glentworth, 68 Wassand Street, killed within three weeks of each other, in May 1917;

Edward and Herbert Green, from 187 Ella Street;

Frederick and Francis Guy, from Garden Village;

Anthony & Thomas Harran, from 22 Bowers Terrace, Waterloo Street;

Charles and Robert Hodges, from 9 Buckingham Street;

Thomas Henry and John Morley Holder, from Beverley Road, both killed in May 1917;

Thomas and William Holness, from 9 Conway Street, both lost at sea;

Frank and John Inman, from Stanifoth Palce, Hessle Road;

Joseph and Harry Longworth, from Lime Street;

Arthur and Ernest Lowsley, from Courtney Street;

William and Edward Lyons, from 37 Upper Union Street;

Wilfred and Percy Mitchell, from 9 Walcott Street;

John & Albert Monday, - 11 Russell Terrace, Bean Street;

Harold and Robert Ollett, from New George Street;

Fred and Arhur Pegg, from Spyvee Street and Courtney Street respectively.

Ben and William Pougher, from Cambridge Street

George and Alfred Reed, 8 Nelson Square, New George Street. Both died the same day - 30/07/1917.

John and William Rennard, from Courtney Street

Frank and Albert Shaw, from 19 Carlton Street

Ernest and Charles Smith, from 60 Nornabell Street;

George and John Sherburn from Craven Street;

Harold and James Sayer, from Hessle Road;

William and Gilbert Spink, from Franklin Street;

William & Alfred Suddaby, East Hull;

Sam and Herbert Thomson, from 2 Etty's Terrace, Strickland Street, both killed in 1915;

George and Edward Turner, from 65 Edinburgh Street

Albert and George Wilcox from 4 Matlock Villas, Escourt Street. They enlisted together on 11th December 1914;

Arthur and Cyril Veal, from 91 Clarendon Street;

Harold and Fred Wilson, from 48 Raywell Street;

John & James Wright - 62 Alexandra Road;

Brothers Cyril and Sidney Webb, from 8 Wyndham Street, died within weeks of each other in 1918.